Javan Trading Company

Our goal is to provide high quality, first class product to domestic markets and Central Asian countries and Europe

Therefore, the Javan Business Group has taken all steps and international standards to improve the quality of trade and export of high quality fruits and has taken an effective step in this direction.

The main activity of the company started in 2007 with the aim of exporting agricultural products.
The company has made a big step forward in meeting the demands of its customers by employing staff specialized in packaging and supplying the needs of the domestic and foreign markets.
With its high quality orchards and first class quality, this complex has a great share in export.

JAVAN TRADING COMPANY deals with all the investment related to the purchase and maintenance of fruit in the fridge, the packaging of first class products for export and delivery to the domestic market by contract and delivery in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan with container. Provides refrigerators as well as insurance and qualified Russian drivers as quickly as possible. Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ desires and welfare.

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